Monday, May 2, 2016

My Fan Created version of the Boruto Manga

creation my own graphic novel about Boruto seem to be hard case to complete, but in the end i hope to complete it no matter 

i have an story arc i would like to do, but how to insert it into the story telling without going farfetched about character power an abilities comparing to the new an old.

im planing to use Flashback to show what happen in the past an future as i jump one point to the other to show scenes that lead up to an event that slowly piece together over time from other point of view.

at the moment working on my artwork to be smooth an clear an be able to repeatedly redraw it countless of time

in the end I'm am just redrawing an reimagine, Boruto the Movie using the Novel as Guideline to create an complete feel with expanded scenes an coming up with Jutsu names an peeps.. feel like 219 or more is needed to complete the envision i am thinking off or super short 45 after this i might be able to work out an solution to added the semi new- original storytelling i hope it work out.. have to see..T-T 

Naruto side story: The Path Lit By the Full Moon

the special One Shot of Mitsuki .

it was an pretty interesting  read to showcase Mitsuki 'Moon Shake' behind the mysterious member of Team Konomaru.

we see some life changing decision an mirroring of some similar aspect that we know an love about the Naruto story that is done by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto: The Path Lit By the Full Moon predate the Naruto the Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring an run directly after chapter 700.

 following up by soon to be release of Boruto: Naruto The New Generation serialisation in the weekly Shonen Jump Japan an Viz Media Shonen Jump English.

Monday, February 29, 2016

My little side storie creation on Naruto/Boruto

i have several interesting stories though out an rough outline of how i will tackle them.

brainstorming ideas on character development an new semi original characters to added into the story mix.

my ambition is to release an Dōjinshi style (a doujinshi is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels) sticking to the original format without the common weird stuff that trend to be created from original!

a monthly thing an then weekly if thing get better..


Monthy Boruto Manga

the time closing in for the One-shot special Boruto Manga drawn an written by Masashi Kishimoto to be release in the coming weeks that will tie into the new Monthly Release that is continues by this Chief Assistant  Mikio Ikemoto who will spearhead the manga as it new mangaka artist an aided by Gaara hiden an Boruto the movie Novel writer Ukyo Kodachi.

Mikio Ikemoto role

crowd drawing, background figures. speed lines, highlights, character eyes (eg. dojustu)

the minor mistake that appear on naruto manga is not completely Masashi fault but this assistant too due to not double checking the work when deadline are reaching to be sent off. it 50/50 lol

it how Sasuke got this tome rinnegan it was an mistake that lead from being rinne-sharingan to 9 tome to six tome rinnegan.. an this full powered side step in the naruto gaiden. it was an mistake that couldn't be fixed but left as it is.

Shonen Jump release an countdown of new generation that revealed it was an upcoming manga about Boruto with complete new style of drawing from it original look to it newer look with some colour an  outfit changes.

Boruto manga that is closing to be release in the spring like it Naruto Gaiden: Seventh Hokage an the scarlet Spring.

judging from the artwork an story it will kinda go as the same as the original story with some more deeper development for new generation that is not completely focus on the character Boruto but the new world he live in as it will focus on other character direction an path along with adding some more depth for character that didn't appear in the prelude an the Boruto Movie.

theory of the plot line 

will it take place after the movie or it start from where chapter 700 of Naruto left off due to children of konoha an there outfit match for there younger days then to where we see them now!

Boruto will he continue to seek this Father Attention an continue this new path like this master Sasuke.

Sarada will she develop her sharingan further, continue to seek to become the first Uchiha Hokage?
the secret that her mother Sakura has about her origin..?

Mitsuki will he turn out to be vessel for Orochimaru to use or an sleeper agent that is collecting important intel an pulling Boruto and Sarada into the direction where they suppose to be heading?

new Kid who possess an mysterious connection to some familiar characters an what ability will that individual will have??

more metal

i feel that that Masashi Kishimoto will be supervisor for the first ten chapter to see it going in the right direction so he can part way with it an completely focus on this new project as he that the one he  placed in charge to continue will the new era project an forge an new story to tell the future of Boruto Saga as a whole.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Naruto Timeline revisted

Time line revised 2.0

the time take place over 10years.. in such it feel like 13-15years in all

15 years later

11th October, 17 years Naruto birth

* Chapter #699
* Nauto Vs Sasuke end their Last Fight at VOTE Ends
* The Fourth Shinobi World War Ends
* Tsunade quit being the Fifth
* Shin Uchiha leave Orochimaru hidden Lab

1 - 18

Several Month Later

* Kakashi Hiden: Lighting in the Icy Sky
* kakashi officially become the Sixth hokage
* Kakashi Dissolve the Anbu Branch.
* Sasuke leaves Konohagakure

2 - 19

Two years laters
* Shikamaru Hiden: A cloud drifting in Silent Darkness
* The Last Naruto the Movie
* Sasuke Return to Konoha
* Ai Fourth Raikage Retires an pass the Raikage title to Darui
* Darui is elected as the Official Fifth Raikage
Mira Sarutobi turn 2 years old
* Naruto is elected as the Future Seventh Hokage

3 - 20

Several Months later
* Sakura Hiden: Thoughs of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze
* Konoha Hiden: The Perfect day for a Wedding

Several Days Later
* Naruto and Hinata wedding

Few Days Later
* Sakura Haruno leave Konohagakure to chase after Sasuke, and meet karin on her travels

Several Days Later
* Naruto and Hinata wedding

Several Months Later
* Gaara - 20 years old. Jan 19
* Gaara Hiden: A sandstorm Mirage
* Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in the Full Bloom

Sakura, Karin encounter Sasuke Uchiha

* Shikamaru and Temari Wedding

Several Months Later
* Boruto Uzumaki is Born
* Shikadai Nara is Born
* Inojin Yamanaka is Born
* Metal Lee is Born
* Mitsuki is Born

* Shinki is Born
* Tarui is Born
* Araya is Born

4 - 21
* Konohamaru become an Chunin

* Choji an Karui Wedding

Some time later  in the year
* Yurui is Born
* Toroi is Born
* Yodo is Born
* Chouchou Akimichi is Born
* Sarada Uchiha is Born
* Sakura returns after a year of travel

5 - 22

* Boruto meet Sarada for the first time

6 - 23

* Mira enters the Academy
* Sarada give Boruto an memento screw

7 - 24

* Mira become an Genin

8 - 25
* Konohamaru promoted to Jonin
* Mira become an Chunin

9 - 26
* Mei Termui retires as Fifth Mizukage
* Chojuro is elected to be the Sixth Mizukage
* Himawari Uzumaki is born

10 - 27

* Sarada Illness

11 - 28
12 - 29
* Onoki step down as the second Tsuhikage
* Kurotsuchi become the Third Tsuchikage
13 - 30
Over Ten years laters
* Kakashi retires from being the Sixth hokage
* Naruto is official become Seventh Hokage
* katasuke, Kōsuke  was present at the Hokage inauguration

* Chapter #700
* Sarada enter the shinobi Academy an meets Boruto Uzumaki
* Kakashi goes on a Travel with Might Guy an Escort Mira Sarutobi
* Sasuke Return to Konoha of impending Kaguya Threat
* Gokage Secret meeting with the Kages of the Five Shinobi Nation
- Konoha - Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
- Suna - Gaara, Kankuro
- Iwaga - Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi
- Kiri - Choujuurou , Mizuno
- Kumo - Darui, Omoi
* Sasuke N Sakura Secret Wedding …
* Sasuke leave Konoha again

Few Years Annual Gokage Get together meeting
* Old Gokage Meeting with Tsunade, Mei, Ai an Oonki

14 - 31
15 - 32

* Naruto Gaiden:
* Mitsuki Enter the Academy

* A week Later
Boruto, Mitsuki, Sarada, Metal, Shikadai, Inojin, Chouchou become Genin

Few months Later
* Boruto the Movie
* Himarawi Birthday
* Konoha Chuunin Exam
* Sasuke Return
* Sasuke Become Boruto Master
* Kinshiki an Momoshiki Attack Konoha

Character Years

Shinki - 12 years old
Araya - 12 years old
Todo - 11 years old
Yurui - 11 years old
Tarui - 12 years old
Toroi - 11 years old

Metal Lee - 12 Years oldblogs
Boruto Uzumaki - 12 Years old
Shikadai Nara - 12 Years old
Inojin Yamanaka - 12 Years old
Chouchou Akimichi - 11 Years old
Sarada Uchiha - 11 Years old
Mitsuki - 12 Years old
Himarawai Uzumaki - 6 years

Mira Sarutobi - 15 years old

Naruto Uzumaki - 32
Hinata Uzumaki - 31
Sasuke Uchiha - 32
Sakura Uchiha - 32
Sai - 32
Ino Yamanaka - 32
Shikamaru Nara - 32
Temari Nara - 35
Chouji Akimichi - 32
Karui Akimichi - 32
Kiba Inuzka - 32
Akamaru - 26
Tamaki - 31
Tenten - 33
Shino Aburame - 32
Rock Lee - 33
Hanabi Hyuga - 26
Kurenai Sarutobi - 47
Konohamaru Sarutobi - 27
Kakashi Hatake - 46
Iruka Umino - 38

Orochimaru - 69
Karin Uzumaki - 32
Suigetsu Hōzuki - 32
Juugo - 34

Tsunade - 70
Shizune - 46
Terumī Mei - 46
Chojuro - 34
Mizuno -   Fifth Mizukage Escort
Gaara - 32
Kankuro - 34
Kurotsuchi - 33
Akatsuchi - 35
Ōnoki - 94
Samui - 44
Atsui - 34
Darui - 41
Omoi- 31
A- 62
Killer Bee - 51
Ramen Ichiraku/ Baagaa New-Ichiraku - Burger Ichiraku
Teuchi - 62
Ayame - 36

Boruto the movie
katasuke -
Kōsuke -

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brainstorming idea for my little naruto related

shifting into gear to create an naruto story, since I'm trying to attempt at either writing an light novel, or Graphic Novel with the intent of being creative but original along with nothing too outrageous that is not out of character for characters in Naruto.  also tackling stuff that seem out of place or unanswered, that seem to kinda fit or be plausible in the overall timeline events of Naruto.

Unofficial Fan-made Naruto Project

Choji Hiden: Autumn Road of Delicious Beauty!

New Season bring about new line of food cart asking to be tasted, will there be something special tasty to be found among the long opened door food district for Choji to snack on in the red leafs of autumn.

work in process lol

Boruto the Naruto Movie

Boruto movie

Action packed, emotion rollercoaster ride, turning point for Boruto that slowly come to term of this action an believes an understand what is required to be true shinobi an this drive to gain this father attention that reflect on him as mix of sasuke an naruto in him that is show in the eyes seen by either Sasuke Uchiha an Naruto.

what is learn is something is better done with handwork an teamwork with the willpower to achieve your goals, then to relies on oneself an take the short road that cut corners.

8.5 /10

animation in the action scenes were superb, there were some minor errors with some normal scenes an shin-obi showing to have wrong headband. the teamwork of Four Kages went well along with the epic combo of Naruto an Sasuke..along with Boruto an nostalgic ending..